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Snuffy Smith "New Generation" Banjo Bridges
are now availble in the UK at Wadwards Music!

Snuffy Smith New Generation Banjo Bridges The legendary Snuffy Smith banjo bridges are back and available in the UK at Wadwards Music.
As well as being an affable good humoured man Snuffy was renowned throughout the banjo world as expert banjo repair man and his hand made banjo bridges attained legendary status amongst banjo players. With his sad and untimely passing in 2012 however it was thought that his Banjo bridges were gone forever.

By special agreement with Snuffy's family the Snuffy Smith New Generation Banjo Bridges are being manufactured by Mike Smith who also
produces the superb Kateyze banjo bridges (coming soon).

It is now with great excitement that we are able to supply the Snuffy Smith "New Generation" banjo bridges here atWadwards Music!
We will very soon have the full range in stock
including J.D.Crowe spacing and Tenor banjo bridges.

Select you preferred banjo Bridge height below.





Snuffy Smith Compensated Maple/Ebony Five String Banjo Bridge Snuffy Smith Compensated Maple/Ebony Five String Banjo Bridge with weight detail
Superbly hand crafted by Mike Smith.Each bridge is weighed and the weight is written on the under side of the bridge.

The Snuffy Smith Compensated Maple/Ebony Five String Banjo Bridge differs from the norm in the following two ways.

  • Firstly the ebony top is notched at the 3rd (G) string to accommodate better better intonation of that particular string.
  • Secondly it is "Cantered" or sanded in such a way that that the feet of the bridge are ever so slightly nearer the centre of the banjo head or the "sweet spot" as it's known with out shortening the banjos scale length and in turn copromising intonation.
    This gives the bridge the appearance of it "leaning back" when it is in fact designed in such a way. The "New Generation" bridges feature the classic Snuffy Smith design and materials such as the standard hard rock maple frame and Ebony top.

    The ebony top is slightly chamfered on the treble side so as to eliminate the discomfort that occurs on non chamfered bridges when contact is made with the little finger of the picking hand.

    Prevlar is around 1/10-inch.

  • Wide iously Snuffy Smith banjo bridges were only available in one width the new generation banjo bridges however are soon to be available from WadWards in no less than THREE different widths including Regular, wide, narrow.

    What is Top Width?

    This is the width of the bridge top measured from front-to-back, the way the string slots run.

  • Raduis around 1/8-inch, maybe slightly more.
  • Narrow is slightly less than 1/10-inch.

    By considering various top widths you can essentially pin point the different tonal values for any given bridge.

    For example:

  • Narrow top widths produces a brighter than average tone with pretty fast note decay.
  • Wide top width produces a fatter, fuller tone with highs levelled off a little, plenty of bass, and more sustain.
  • Regular top width is middle-of-the-road tone with good highs and lows and adequate note decay.

    String Spacing.

    We also offer you custom spacing options of either standard or J.D.Crowe spacing.
    String spacing is the span between each string along the top of the bridge.

  • Standard spacing has an overall span of 1-11/16 inches from the 1st to the 5th string.
  • Crowe spacing is a slightly wider overall span of 1-3/4 inches.

    We can also via special order supply Snuffy Smith New Generation Banjo Bridges as follows

  • unslotted
  • custom spacing
  • left-handed
  • non compensated at the 3rd string
  • Radius